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The founders are an eclectic group, made up of three close friends who come from different backgrounds but share the same intention. Together we created The Sunshine Community, to share our passion for finding natural ways to support peak performance, both physically and mentally. We hope that it will connect us with like minded individuals, create awareness around important issues and allow us a platform to give back what we can to those around us.

The initial idea started while discussing ways to improve day to day life experiences through ancient medicinal remedies. What sparked our attention was the moment we stumbled across the concept of mixing the mind powering benefits of Lion’s Mane with the universally adored pleasure of drinking coffee. What was the result? Well you will have to try it for yourself. 

We were buzzing with excitement to share this experiment with our family and friends, so we sourced the most potent organic mushrooms we could find and the highest quality organic coffee that Melbourne had to offer, managing to create a blend so exquisite it was, well, magical. In these strange times we wanted to do more than just enhance our community’s mind. How could this be done? The answer, once again, was mushrooms. We found the ancient medicinal mushroom Chaga, that contained all the good stuff to help create a robust immune system, so it was added to the mix.

The end result is an easy drinking coffee, that will help your mind feel sharper and your immune system stronger.

Staying true to our values, we will be donating a percentage of profits to the Black Dog Institute to help improve the mental health of Australians.
So try it for yourself, and join the Sunshine Community.